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Disable TopText's ThiefWare
ad links on Your site.
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RidText Disabler,
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TopText Disabler,
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a Disabler

We are happy to introduce 3 ways to disable eZula's TopText ThiefWare links for Web site owners who want to protect their Web sites. TopText is also referred to as the Yellow Linking Virus though it is not a true virus in the strict technical sense. The 3 script methods are:

Get Notified of Disabler Updates/New Releases. If you want to be notified of updates, new releases of scripts, and get the periodical newsletter, [click here] to join the ThiefWare alerts and newsletter list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Internet Explorer (MSIE) users on Windows98 operating systems: The copied code from MSIE doesn't always preserve the new line carraige returns properly when pasted into NotePad. In order to preserve the carraige returns (very necessary to avoid script errors), you may need to paste the code into WordPad and save the file as a plain text file. Follow the rest of the instructions as is stated.

•• RidText Disabler Get It ————>
This script actually goes into the code that eZula's TopText writes to the pages and rewrites the eZula tags so that they won't spread their yellow underlined links over your Web pages. The main advantage to RidText is there are NO more refreshes because the RidText disabler directly attacks the code responsible for putting out the links. RidText goes one step further by alerting your visitors that they have the ThiefWare application TopText installed on their systems. It also gives your visitors the option of learning more about ThiefWare and how to avoid getting ThiefWare onto their computers. This is all done with a very small script foot print.

•• CSS Disabler Get It ————>
An equally effective method at stopping / removing TopText links from showing up on your pages. It uses cascade style sheet tags to take control before TopText has a chance to spread those yellow links over your pages. This is a very simple way of defeating TopText. Thanks to Patrick Crampton from for discovering this method.

•• TopText Disabler Get It ————>
This disabler continues to work by refreshing the page.


Currently if a person reloads the page once with the browser, the links go away. This JavaScript will reload the page once to remove links so that your site stays ThiefWare Link Free. However, it should be noted that it's possible in the future this script might be defeated by new versions of eZula's TopText with yellow links.

For now this will work to keep your pages clean. While you may not need to adjust the refresh delay time for your pages, there is an option to adjust the time in seconds for the delayed refresh - default setting is 5 seconds. To increase the delay time, enter the time in seconds for the delayed refresh and click the Set button.

If most of your pages take longer than 5 seconds to download (the time it takes the text of the pages to display in MSIE - MSIE loads text while images download), we recommend increasing the seconds long enough to allow the text on your web pages to download. You could set a shorter delay, but setting it too short may not remove the super-imposed links in which case you would need to increase the delay time.

Click the Select the Script button to select the code and then copy and save the TopText Disabler script below into a JavaScript file - a file with a .js extension (i.e. disable.toptext.js).

Put this file in the root directory of your web domain. For example, if your domain was named the file's URL would be Click the Select the Plugin Code button to select the second code below and then copy the Code Include into each web page between the <head> and </head> HTML tags on your web site to activate the TopText Disabler.

TopText Disabler

Enter the time in seconds for the delayed refresh:

Code Include

You have the script. Now, get a ThiefWare badge to go along with it. Click here for more details.

FYI: If you name the JavaScript file: disable.toptext.js and put the script in the suggested root directory, the script will perform as it is suppose to. If you cannot put the script in the root directory as is the case with GeoCities, Tripod and other site communities, you will need to make one minor change to the Code Include so that the correct reference is made.

For example: Your home page is You would put the TopText Disabler script file there. The file's URL would be and you would edit the Code Include to read:

<script language="JavaScript" src="/members/58745/disable.toptext.js"></script>

Notice that the URL starts with a slash mark ( / ) and contains the directory structure from the root domain onward. This will ensure correct referencing of the script at all times. I have done what I can to make this script as easy as possible to install on anyone's web site including people that are new to HTML.

Notice: Some people may find that they have to put the Code Include near the bottom of their page(s) to keep it from interfering with other JavaScripts that might be running.

Important: Sites that have a contract with a banner ad delivery service that get paid a commission on banners shown might be violating the contract by refreshing pages via scripts. Many banner services prohibit refreshes on Web pages sporting their banners as this interferes with banner statistics and other operations of the banner ad services. Check with your banner ad service before installing scripts that refresh your Web pages. For sites running 3rd party ads such as Google Ads or other similar ad structures, this refresh script should not be used.

Generally, refreshes do not cause problems with web pages where there is no need for concern with refreshes.


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