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Links to Allied Sites and the Site Owner's Who Are Anti-ThiefWare

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Affiliate marketing info, affiliate networks
Affiliate networks & commission tracking
Computer and programming services
Consumer protect organizations / agencies
Finance: loans, credit cards, debt help, banks
Forums for Webmasters, SEO, affiliate marketing
Forum threads about ThiefWare
Info: computer hardware and software
Info: computer privacy, fraud, security, virus protection
Info: thiefware adware and spam protection
Insurance: health, disability, dental, life insurance
Investing, stock market info, mutual funds
Sales and info on real estate and property
Search engines, directories, niche portals
Shopping: general business products
Shopping: general consumer products
Shopping: computer equipment, electronics
Software for desktop computers / workstations
Software for servers, server-side scripts
Software for spyware / virus removal, spam control
Spyware detection scripts for server Web pages
Web hosting, ISP, server hosting
Web: SEO, site promotion and submission
Web site design, Web consulting
Web: domain name registration / other Web services
Other: business services and info
Other: consumer services and info

Attention: The sites that were listed here have been on the 2 pages listed below for the past year or more. To cut down on duplicating our work, the links to sites listed on this page were removed, but are still listed within the main directory (see these pages):
Info on privacy, fraud, security
Info on thiefware, spyware, spam


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